XP Microkeratome

At Eyetech, we use the latest XP Microkeratome. This makes thinner flaps. This enables more people eligible for LASIK, especially high prescriptions with thin corneas.

Xtra Precision
  • There is no safer or more precise method of flap creation available today
  • The XP Microkeratome delivers consistent flap thickness flap after flap after flap
Xtra Predictable
  • Head labeling reflects nominal flap thickness
  • Enhanced safety is achieved through:
    – A suction ring design that reduces the potential for pseudosuction, slippage and suction breaks
    – An elevated, gearless drive assembly that minimizes interference with drapes and eyelashes
Xtra Practical
  • Makes finer and thinner flaps than Zero compression Hansatome so more patients are made eligible for LASIK procedure
  • Interchangeable components make the XP easy to use and easy to service. This is not possible with Hansatome
  • Clinical versatility comes from:
    – 360° variable hinge positioning
    – Sterilizable motor sleeve
  • Our XP Microkeatome is more advanced than the “Zero compression” microkeratome. Our Xp microkeratome(XP stands for Xtra Precise) makes the corneal flap 40 microns thinner than the Zero compression Microkeratome. This leaves your cornea stronger and less prone for weakening latter.

These features are not available with Zero compression Hansatome.

Incidentally Hansatome is not made any more.

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