Tremendously Successful! I can see small print, I can see at a distance and would like to thank Dr. Kadambi from Eyetech Lasik Clinic in Winnipeg
I got lasik yesterday and I can see perfectly today. My eyes don’t hurt or anything. Eyetech Lasik is amazing, very personable, right on time and it was exactly what they said it would be.
My vision is clear for distance and close up. I can read, I can do cross word puzzles, I have no pain – It is wonderful, its a miracle.
I think things are perfect. I can see really well today and know its only going to get better.
Jay & Lori
When Murray came to see us, both his eyes were +8 or worse. After his procedure he no longer needs contact lenses, reading glasses or anything else to see.
eyetech louis
I couldn’t even read what was on my cell phone. Thanks to Eyetech Lasik Clinic, today I can read my phone.
eyetech jim
You trust your pilot to get you safely to your destination. Jim trusted Eyetech to help him see the runway clearly