XP Microkeratome and Zeiss MEL 80

With a more detailed analysis of your eye, visual imperfections are corrected more accurately. The laser is able to analyze nearly 800 points in a 7mm pupillary area of the cornea. Compare that to eyeglass tests that analyze 78 points of the whole cornea.


Lasik Xtra is a simple treatment performed in conjunction with Lasik that adds just a few extra minutes to the Lasik treatment and requires no extra doctor visits. In a few minutes, during your Lasik procedure, Lasik Xtra will add biomechanical strength to your cornea, enhancing the power of Lasik by helping you see better for longer.

Custom Wavefront PRK

Custom Wavefront PRK (or photo refractive keratectomy) is where no flap of the cornea is created to do the actual correction. The correction is done on the front surface of the cornea. This is the choice procedure if you have a corneal thickness not suitable to do the LASIK procedure. If you are into contact sports like Boxing PRK is preferable to LASIK even if your cornea is thick enough to have LASIK.


Presbyond Laser Blended Vision (PBV)

If You are 40+ and wear Bifocals or progressives Lasik corrects only the distant vision correction and you will need reading glasses. Laser Blended Vision is a new LASIK procedure which enables you to see both at distance and close-up without any glasses. Eyetech is the only clinic in Manitoba to give you LBV. Now you can drive, text , read or do your work on computer without any glasses! If wear only reading glasses or had LASIK done previously and wear readers LBV will help you to do all you want without any glasses.


Custom Wavefront LASIK

Here the correction is customised to correct visual imperfections beyond the traditional way used to order your eyeglasses or contact lenses. In fact there is no technology in the eyeglass or contact lens industry to make corrective lenses to such a detailed precision. Of course there is “custom” correction and custom correction. The more detailed analysis the more precise is your correction.