Pricing and Financing

What Will It Cost?

  • Almost all laser clinics charge the same when it comes to custom wavefront corrections. Even the clinics advertising $490/eye say in very small print that their custom wavefront correction costs $1900/eye! Read their small print and find out for yourself.
  • This price you pay at Eyetech is almost the same as you pay elsewhere including the so called low cost centres advertising “Starting at” $ 490/eye
  • Have you wondered how much you spend annually on contacts and glasses? Have you evaluated the lifetime costs?
  • Buying eye glasses with “Progressive “lenses could cost you $ 800.00 every time.
  • No matter how much you spend Contact lenses or Eyeglasses cannot match the precision of Laser vision correction!
  • Laser vision correction lasts a lifetime.

Like millions of people, Jaycee wore contact lenses – poorly by her own admission. She slept with them in, which caused eye irritation and discomfort. She decided to get Lasik and couldn’t be happier. Jaycee said, “I got lasik yesterday and I can see perfectly today. My eyes don’t hurt or anything. Eyetech Lasik is amazing, very personable, right on time and it was exactly what they said it would be.”

Payment options: Cash, Debit, Interac direct payment, Credit cards, Certified cheque

Some benefit plans provide vision care packages to employees that covered the cost of glasses and contact lenses, Now more than ever, companies are offering either full or partial coverage for laser vision correction, such as LASIK or PRK surgeries, as part of their vision care plan. You may be able to get reimbursed for the cost partly or completely.

You may be covered under a vision plan with your employer, ask your benefits representative about laser vision correction coverage.

Important Flexible Medical Information for US patients

If you have been contributing your pre-tax dollars to an employer-run Health/Flexible Spending Account you could use it for many types of medical expenses including Laser vision correction. Many companies or health insurance providers offer Health/Flexible Spending Accounts to help offset. You may use your pre-tax dollars for medical procedures like LASIK or PRK laser eye surgeries at Eyetech. You can have this “flexed” amount for you or your family members for Laser Vision correction.

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